About Us

I’m a designer based in Singapore. I’ve maintained a pretty passionate interest in the design world for some time now. My own designs, which are African inspired prints, are influenced from my own upbringing and heritage. I spent a great deal of my childhood in Nigeria and this influenced my love for the prints I design today.

Modern women’s wear designs that I create provide the wearer with unique pieces which can easily be matched alongside other modern fashions. While the pieces themselves offer up a glimpse into traditional African inspired prints, they are not limited to the traditional, and I hope my collections can be enjoyed and experienced by  all women.

To ensure quality and comfort, all of the fabric I use is 100% cotton, sourced from Europe, the U.K., West and more recently, South Africa. The use of 100% cotton allows for breathability and durability, ultimately resulting in timeless and functional wardrobe pieces.

My goal is to provide designs and pieces that will allow women the ability to express their own unique style through vibrant clothing, truly setting them apart from the mainstream crowd.